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About us

"Adopted from Romania" website is part of the Facebook Community Page, "The never forgotten Romanian children" and the recent Facebook group, "Copiii niciodată uitaţi ai României - The never forgotten Romanian children"

On 24th of January 2015, a native Romanian living in Ireland since 1996, Ileana Cunniffe Băiescu, has created the Community Facebook page with the hope to fulfil a massive dream, the finding of her adopted brother Victor Constantin MARIN, adopted from their home place, Scutelnici, County Buzau, Romania. After several years of searching and getting nowhere, it seemed as a great idea to finally take the search on the social media, a quick research, and there it was, several pages, groups and profiles of hundreds and hundreds of Romanian adoptees. "I read them all, over and over again, making sure that I don't miss my brother among them. I started chatting with them, asking if they know anything, but unfortunately nobody did" Give up? No chance!! It was so clear that the majority of the people on these pages and groups were in search of someone, their biological family or their adopted child; their knowledge on HOW TO looked so little, so vague. Looking for help was not an option anymore here, it instantly became, how can I help few people from here with their family searches? I picked one person at random, a young Romanian man looking for his brother adopted in Ireland, minutes later we were chatting. I offered to help. I told him to bear with me an hour or two to do some thinking on how to go by it. Later on that evening I created "The never forgotten Romanian children" community Facebook page and took on two more searches... the very next day, one of them were successful, I've reunited my first family. I cried and laughed with them all at the same time. I felt their deepest emotions and understood every angle of their feelings, love and reconnection. It was amazing!!"

During the first year of the Facebook page activities, thousands of people from Romania and all over the world came in contact and shared with us or for us, the most unbelievable stories, pictures, articles, opinions, projects, experiences while adopting, family searches, feelings - mainly of the Romanian adopted children or those left behind. The community Facebook page soon became one of the most known pages on social media that helps and supports adopted Romanian people searches and reunite with their biological families. Over 300 requests of family searches has reached the page in its first year, 88 of them were successful, including the first search for the adopted brother in Ireland. "An overwhelming experience, words can barely describe the feelings, the emotions involved. Every story is so unique, every journey is so amazing. Behind every number is hiding a real dream, a real person hoping, dreaming and constantly searching for the people that gave them life, their blood, their family". Along the way, Ileana picked a few wonderful volunteers to help with many family searches in Romania and several language assistance to facilitate translations where necessary, however due to the rapidly increasing number of enquiries, a lot more help and support is greatly needed.

If you too wish to help, please find out more information on our website.

Our main aims and objectives are:
- reunite as many adoptees as possible with their biological families
- prepare them all to the best of our abilities on how to proceed at the beginning of the reunion
- advise the important aspects in meeting the family for the first time
- facilitate language assistance were required
- help to plan several aspects of the trip and advice on the best options available, if traveling to Romania
- fundraise activities and ideas for collecting funds - give several adoptees with limited resources, a small financial support towards their first trip to Romania (flights, accommodation etc.)
- attract further more adoptees, their friends and families, media, friends and volunteers of Romania and its children, the social media non users and everybody that has a genuine interest in our activities.

We would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for visiting our page, for reading our stories and for continuously supporting "The never forgotten Romanian children"